Trump Calls Mexican President 'Crazy' Over Border Wall Request


President Donald Trump's long-promised wall along the U.S. -Mexico border could pay for itself, one new study has suggested.

He said that California's "prosperity is not built on isolation".

"We will continue defending our community next week when this fascist president visits indigenous Kumeyay land to decide what prototype of use along this imposed border that divides families and further alienates Mexicans on both sides of the border", the group said. Jerry Brown solicited his support for the state's troubled high-speed rail project.

Brown cited Trump's complaints that the nation does not have the same kind of high-speed rail lines as countries like Japan and China.

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Golden State residents might as well wait for a Democratic president to take office, Pitney said.

He is expected to visit the Los Angeles-Beverly Hills area Tuesday night for a Republican National Committee fundraiser.

Brown noted that President Harry Truman used his first trip to California in 1945 to witness the signing of the charter establishing the United Nations in San Francisco, while President Lyndon Johnson met with the president of Mexico during his first presidential visit to California in 1964. The governor says California is focusing on bridges, not walls, and adds that the project has put 1,700 people to work. "We have a world-class train system under construction".

California is also where the Trump administration has erected the prototypes for its proposed border wall - and it is that site that will be the main focus of Trump's excursion to the Left Coast. "And that's more than just a figure of speech", Brown wrote in a letter to Trump on Monday. We invite you to come aboard and truly "Make America Great Again". State Sen. Ricardo Lara, D-Bell Gardens, called Trump's first visit to California, only to see prototype border walls, "shameless" and called on state Democrats to "ramp up the pressure".