South Korea praises China's role in nudging N. Korea to talks


Moon and Kim are expected to talk about a proposal for restarting communications between the North and South Korean militaries.

North Korea is competing for the first time in the Winter Paralympics, continuing its signaling some amount of reconciliation with South Korea and the worldwide community.

Central Intelligence Agency Director Mike Pompeo said the United States would also continue its military exercises on the Korean Peninsula, but that he expected Pyongyang to halt its nuclear and missile testing.

However, most of the respondents remained suspicious of the North's true intentions, with 64 percent saying they did not trust the regime. "If this is carried out, Western countries trading with the United States and many steelmakers and aluminum producers will suffer significant damage".

The White House said the meeting would only happen if North Korea agreed to avoid any missile testing and did not object to U.S. - South Korea joint military exercises.

"We know that nuclear and ballistic missile tests are prohibited under more than 10 U.N. Security Council resolutions, so the mere utterance of abstinence from illicit, forbidden activities is no concession at all", he said.

Kim's offer to meet was relayed to Trump by a South Korean government delegation that briefed the president on their meeting with Kim last week in North Korea's capital.

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The message may also have stated that Kim is willing to see some USA forces remain in South Korea, the article speculated.

Chung led Moon's special envoys to the North and the U.S. He is set to visit Russian Federation to share the outcome of the trips. For that to happen, he said, "the United States will have to cease all joint South Korea-US military exercises, completely eliminate the worldwide community's sanctions on North Korea, and to accept establishing diplomatic ties between the US and North Korea".

"Most of that is an inter-administration, interagency process and I'm not going to get ahead of any of the details of the where, the when, or any of that here today", she said, responding to a series of questions on the meeting between the two leaders.

"We have not seen nor received an official response from the North Korean regime regarding the North Korea-US summit", Ministry of Unification spokesman Baik Tae Hyun told a regular news conference.

On Saturday, Trump said his talks with Kim could end with no agreement or they could be "the greatest deal for the world". And that's a little worrisome, ' said Senator Jeff Flake, a frequent Trump critic.

"The recent change by North Korea is the result of the maximum pressure that Japan, the US and South Korea have imposed in cooperation", Japanese foreign minister Taro Kono said Monday after his meeting with Suh. "I don't think it's that unusual" that we haven't heard from the North Koreans yet.

Choi also said it was a surreal experience for him to see North Koreans at the athletes' village and at the games.