House Intel Committee finishes its Russian Federation probe interviews


Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee have reached the conclusion there is "no evidence" of collusion between Donald Trump's presidential campaign and the Russian government, CNN's Manu Raju reports.

Rep. K. Michael Conaway (R-Texas), who oversees the House Intelligence Committee's Russian Federation investigation, speaks to the media in February. But Democrats say there are thousands more pages of documents the committee never procured, and dozens more witnesses they need to call in to interview.

The committee is expected to produce separate reports from Republicans and Democrats, according to CNN: Republicans will likely conclude that there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation, while Democrats will argue "a case for collusion" and note areas that the committee did not investigate. As the committee has been filled with partisan bickering - marked recently by the release of separate Republican and Democratic memos on purported FISA abuses by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and DOJ - it should come as no surprise that we will get two different conclusion reports.

Several Republicans on the panel have been signaling for several weeks now that they're ready for the Russian Federation investigation to wrap up, arguing that Democrats are trying to extend the probe into the campaign season. The Ethics Committee closed its investigation of Nunes in December. Conaway said that he would seek Democrats' input to edit the report, andsaid he expected some of the process would be bipartisan, "with precious little pushback".

A spokesperson for Conaway declined to comment to the news outlet.

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In addition to subpoenas and witnesses, Democrats have long raised issues about looking into Trump's finances, something the committee had not probed.

Democrats have said the committee should hear from more witnesses.

The Republican memo prepared by aides to Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) states that the Federal Bureau of Investigation and DOJ made use of an anti-Trump dossier prepared by a security firm with ties to a law firm believed to be connected to Hillary Clinton's campaign to serve as legal justification for the surveillance of Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. CNN reported that the Democratic report might also point out the investigation's shortcomings. Several witnesses including Bannon and White House Communications Director Hope Hicks curtailed their testimony and refused to answer questions about their time in Trump's White House.

In addition to the investigations by the House and Senate intelligence committees, the Senate Judiciary Committee has conducted a more limited probe and is not expected to issue a final report.