Head of US Central Command signals support for Iran nuclear deal


US President Donald Trump told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the United States would pull out of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal if his demands to make "significant" changes to the agreement were not met, US media reported, citing officials.

The prime minister said he warned US officials that "buried within the Iran nuclear deal are many dangers to the world, including a specific danger of nuclearizing the Middle East".

"The officials say Trump told Netanyahu that until now the three European powers only proposed "cosmetic changes" that he doesn't find satisfactory".

The Trump administration has vowed to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal if European allies refuse to agree to major modifications to the agreement, according to a report Sunday night by Channel 10 reporter Barak Ravid.

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The White House and Netanyahu's office refused to comment to Axios on the report. If no consensus is reached by that date, Trump is expected to withdraw the US from the deal.

The move is the latest in a series of measures by Washington aimed at dealing with one of the greatest diplomatic hurdles before Donald Trump's administration, to contain the regime in Iran while keeping up to America's worldwide commitments within the JCPOA. In the last 2 months, two rounds of talks were held in London and Paris between senior diplomats from the four countries. Another round of talks is expected to begin on Thursday in Berlin.

In his speech, Pence echoed Trump's description of the deal as "disastrous". "The United States of America will never allow Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon".

While a wave of economic protests that momentarily threatened the government's grip have mostly subsided, Iranians are still struggling with massive youth unemployment and runaway inflation. Stories like this are made possible by readers like you.