Google Duo chat app gets video voicemail feature


With video messages on Google Duo, you can capture and share your important moments, even when friends and family can't take your call.

Google rolled out an update past year which allowed the users to send money to Android messages using Google Wallet. To play a video message you've received from someone, simply tap their icon.

After they have watched their video message, users can tap the "Call now" button to easily call that person back. A recent apk teardown had also indicated new incoming features for the Google Contacts app, and this seems to have arrived, at least for a user in Canada.

Google has announced a new video message update for its video calling app Duo. However, the receiver has the option of saving favourites locally to his/her phone. The rollout of this feature has begun from today, with all devices holding the app set to receive this capability soon.

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Similar to all calls made on Google Duo, video messages are also secure and end-to-end encrypted.

The feature is available for both iOS and Android.

India assumes a lot of importance for Google, which is why it will bring the Google Assistant, which is part of Allo, in Hindi and other regional languages. You can disable the feature any time you want.