First Three Tomb Raider Games Getting the Remaster Treatment for PC


The Steam versions for the original Tomb Raider 1, 2 and 3 are being redesigned.

Presumably the remasters will feature better graphics, although exactly how much better is subjective as gameplay footage of the remasters for Tomb Raider 1 and 2 are available above and below. Publisher Square Enix recently came under fire for releasing a remaster of Chrono Trigger to PC, only for that to turn out to be based on the mobile version, which caused the game to actually lose its visual charm in places. Owners of the original DOS Tomb Raider games on Steam will be happy to learn that they will receive the newly-remastered games for free when they release.

That means that Tomb Raider I, II, and III are all planned for free for all those who have previously purchased the titles. OpenVR support is also promised, though the extent of this support is not now clear. Each will utilize a new 3D engine that allows for better lighting effects and shadowing.

Additionally, there will be proper support for both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers.

Angelina Jolie played Lara Croft in two Tomb Raider movies in 2001 and 2003
Angelina Jolie played Lara Croft in two Tomb Raider movies in 2001 and 2003

The developer has not revealed any specific release dates or windows for the Tomb Raider remasters.

In addition to the 3d engine, the remasters will also offer OpenVR support, thus you will be able to experience Lara Croft's adventures through her own eyes by using a VR headset! You can check out the exchange on Twitter where Realtech VR confirmed these remasters below.

Work on the first two games have been completed and Realtech VR is now working on the third game.

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