Amazon updates Alexa so you don't have to say 'Alexa' repeatedly


If you want Amazon's Alexa digital assistant to do something for you all you need to do is say "Hey, Alexa" and it will wake up and start listening for a command.

The new feature is called Follow-Up Mode, and it has to be enabled by users before it can be used. You'll be able to tell that she's still listening because the blue ring will still be on. This means that the user will have to clearly issue the command because if they don't, Alexa probably won't separate it from the background noise. You can't, for instance, say "Alexa, turn off the lights and set the thermostat to 68".

The first cases were reported in "smart" loudspeakers that feature Alexa (which is on various devices) and from which the robotic laughs came out without cause, which in some users were reminiscent of a witch ... witch. ALEXA: "OK." (continues listening) YOU: "Set the thermostat to 68".

Amazon Echo owners can now say 'Alexa' less often with smart speaker's latest update
Amazon wants users to ask 'follow-up' questions, announces new feature for Alexa

Amazon's digital assistant, Alexa, who, thanks to her artificial intelligence, answers questions and receives orders from users, shows unusual symptoms - which refer to parapsychological thrillers - as she suddenly starts without a reason to laugh in a frightening way it can freeze the blood.

The feature is available on all hands-free Alexa-enabled devices, like the Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Spot. If you have nothing else to say, homegirl will go back to sleep until you "Hey, Alexa" her again. Select the device in question, then scroll down and toggle the Follow-up Mode slider into the on position (it's off by default).

Amazon points out that Alexa won't register the follow-up command until the assistant is "confident" that the user is speaking to it. It also won't activate while you're listening to music, streaming an audiobook or making an Alexa call.

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