NAFTA trade flows tumble in December


Talks were hampered by the absence of the chief USA negotiator, Jason Bernstein, who was unexpectedly called to Washington on Tuesday for consultations and is unlikely to return to Mexico.

Mexican negotiators have said the auto content issue must be resolved in large part between the White House and the Big Three Detroit automakers who dominate the industry.

"This analysis not only illustrates the importance of preserving existing market access to Mexico under the North American Free Trade Agreement but also demonstrates why we are urgently pursuing new opportunities via U.S. free trade agreements around the globe", U.S. Dairy Export Council president and chief executive officer Tom Vilsack said.

Woodall says having a solid NAFTA deal is critical for the USA cattle industry.

Talks between Mexico, Canada and the USA to renegotiate the terms of the North American Free Trade Agreement began in August past year and are still underway, although concerns have been expressed by the U.S. at the lack of progress.

"What I've heard is that he's back in Washington because apparently they are meeting with the Detroit three".

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A Mexican official said the Ross meeting would address Mexican concerns over trade in steel and tomatoes, noting that Mexico would retaliate against steel tariffs.

Seeking to break the deadlock, the Mexican government has said it would put forward a proposal on rules of origin during the current round of talks, but a Mexican official said on Monday no new ideas had been presented so far.

But if the Trump administration takes a hard line position in areas like investor-state dispute mechanisms and on a USA demand that NAFTA by renewed every five years by the three countries, a so-called sunset proposal, those could be "non-starters" with Canada and Mexico, he said. However, a senior USA official said over the weekend that plan had been postponed after a phone call between the two soured over the wall earlier this month.

U.S. trade with Mexico meanwhile, was valued at $44.8bn in December, down 9.1% from November but up 5.2% from December a year ago.

The seventh round of NAFTA talks began here Sunday and runs through March 5, but it's looking increasingly likely that negotiators are digging in for the long haul.

"When it comes to supply management, we believe there can be no concession", said Jeff Leal, the minister of agriculture, food and rural affairs for the province of Ontario.