Video Of Yearbook Of Student Accused Of Being 'Crisis Actor' Goes Viral


But online memes and videos have unfairly claimed that the students are "actors" employed by anti-gun groups who speak out at mass shootings.

A United States government worker has been sacked after pushing the same conspiracy theories.

In the days after the deadly shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, outspoken students who survived the attack are at the center of national news coverage.

Here's the email. I asked for more information to back up the claim and was sent another email that linked to a YouTube conspiracy video. President Trump has linked that failure to investigate with the ongoing investigation into Russian interference with the 2016 presidential election.

I guess in the updated version, the emperor's media consultant would immediately accuse the child of being an actor paid by George Soros, and all the emperor's sycophants would rush to social media to agree.

The claims that Hogg and other Douglas students are actors helping to promote anti-gun legislation have spread far and wide in cyberspace and elsewhere.

"These people saying this is absolutely disturbing, and I'm not an actor in any sense, way, shape or form". Infowars quotes a former Navy SEAL as saying that it is "very significant" that Hogg's father once worked for the FBI, since the bureau, he says, has been hiring "SJWs" for years - a reference to "Sociai Justice Warriors".

Similar clips appeared on the Google-owned service following the Florida incident in which 17 people from Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school were killed. The teen went on to say, "I'm someone who had to witness this and live through this and I continue to be having to do that". I am not a crisis actor.

The prominence of the conspiracies led to Republican Sen.

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"Unlike the people who are tweeting that stuff about me and my dad, I haven't lost hope in America and my dad hasn't either", said Hogg with his father by his side. On YouTube, a search for "David Hogg" returns several conspiracy videos.

"This video should never have appeared in Trending", a YouTube spokesperson told HuffPost. YouTube said its system "misclassified" the video.

YouTube later removed the video, but before it viewed hundreds of thousands of times. "We've seen improvements, but in some circumstances, these changes are not working quickly enough", the company said in a statement.

How are politicians responding to conspiracy theories?

They're also at the center of rampant conspiracy theories and smear campaigns.

Kelly tweeted later Tuesday that his comments were a mistake. "I meant no disrespect to the students or parents of Parkland". 'I am again sorry for any pain this has caused the grieving families of this tragedy.

The conspiracy theories have spilled into the ranks of government, too. Conspiracy theorists have alleged that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting did not happen and argued that the gunman in Las Vegas was joined by other shooters.