CBSLA Interviews Parkland Shooting Survivor David Hogg


Since the February 14 incident that left 17 students and faculty of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School dead, mini rallies and demonstrations led by students have drawn more attention to the need for gun control.

Directly addressing Donald Trump during an interview with Sky News in the aftermath of the massacre, the 17-year-old told the President to "realise the true gravity of the situation".

An aide to Florida state Rep. Shawn Harrison was sacked on Tuesday after he falsely told a Tampa Bay Times reporter that two Stoneman Douglas students were actually actors "that travel to various crisis when they happen", using a conspiracy video to back up his claim.

"I'm not a crisis actor", Hogg told CNN's Anderson Cooper on Tuesday.

If my aide disparaged a student from Parkland who is grieving than I will deal most strongly with my aide. "I hate that people think I'm an actor, but I don't have time to care about that. We are working to improve our systems moving forward".

The claims that Hogg and other Douglas students are actors helping to promote anti-gun legislation have spread far and wide in cyberspace and elsewhere.

A teenager who survived last week's mass shooting at a Florida high school says online conspiracy theories claiming he's an actor with an anti-gun agenda are "absolutely disturbing".

"We felt threatened", Hogg said of their encounter with the lifeguard.

Still, other videos calling Hogg a crisis actor were still up on the video-sharing site.

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An administrator at Henderson Behavioral Health declined to answer questions and hung up when contacted for an interview Sunday. They met in Junior ROTC. "Everything everybody seems to know, we didn't know", James Snead said.

"The kid who has been running his mouth about how Donald Trump and the GOP are teaming to help murder high school kids by upholding the Second Amendment is the son of an Federal Bureau of Investigation agent", an unnamed author for True Pundit wrote.

"Interestingly, Hogg has reconnected with CBS for an appearance on CBS This Morning as the mainstream media unabashedly features high school students as figureheads for a new anti-gun push", InfoWars wrote in a blog.

When asked about why further baseless conspiracy videos were widely available by searching its platform, the YouTube spokesperson explained that the site's recently changed search algorithm is not always accurate. "Unlike the people who are tweeting that stuff about me and my dad, I haven't lost hope in America and my dad hasn't either".

Brian Stelter, host of CNN's Reliable Sources, spoke to Inside Edition about the claims against Hogg.

Donald Trump Jr. arrives at Trump Tower in New York City, Jan. 18, 2017. Harris canned Benjamin Kelly, saying he's "appalled" and "strongly denounces" his former district secretary's comments about the students.

"Claiming some of the students on tv after #Parkland are actors is the work of a disgusting group of idiots with no sense of decency", tweeted.

He and Gonzalez are also mentioned in an article from last December about a weather balloon project and both students have also served as leaders in several capacities at the Parkland school.

"I was a witness to this".