Mavericks owner Mark Cuban admits telling players to tank rest of season


The article centers mostly on the team's former president and CEO for almost 20 years, Terdema Ussery.

Former team president Terdema Ussery is accused of public fondling and propositioning at least one female employee for sex, according to the report.

A new report from Sports Illustrated details the alleged sexual misconduct and abuse that was rampant throughout some portions of the Dallas Mavericks front office. He left the organization in June 2015 to join Under Armor. During my career with the Mavericks, I have strived to conduct myself with character, integrity and empathy for others.

The Dallas Mavericks have had a rough go of things this season.

The Dallas Mavericks have received information about behavior in our workplace that appears to have violated the organization's standards of conduct.

The team said the former employee in question left the club nearly three years ago and that the organization was only made aware of the allegations in the past few days.

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A pre-emptive statement released by the Mavericks earlier Tuesday did not mention Sneed by name but stated, "In a separate matter, we have also learned that an employee misled the organization about a prior domestic violence incident".

"The investigation will focus on the specific allegations related to this former employee [Ussery], and will look more broadly at our company's workplace practices and policies", the statement noted.

The team said it has also suspended an employee whose job it was to investigate such allegations. Mark Cuban didn't mince words when he said that's the plan again this year. This employee was not candid about the situation and has been terminated.

Mavs owner Mark Cuban told Sports Illustrated he was embarrassed by the allegations.

"It's wrong. It's abhorrent". While we believe he is making an earnest effort to improve the workplace, we have an extremely hard time believing Cuban did not know about any of the allegations made against Ussery, especially considering there was an investigation of him conducted in 1998. "I mean, this is, obviously there's a problem in the Mavericks organization and we've got to fix it". "Do we have any issues I have to be aware of?' And the answer was no".