Brandi Glanville asks pointed question of Omarosa on 'Celebrity Big Brother'


And like her past moments on "Celebrity Big Brother", her answer is making headlines.

She claimed she had to tell him how to pronounce words, which he could "barely" do, but said she had respect for him because he had served his country.

'I wonder what's happening in the news. "God! Brandi, that's terrible!" Glanville says, "Trump", to which Omarosa replies with a resounding, "Hell no!" going on to tell Brandi that was a terrible question.

On Friday's episode of Celebrity Big Brother, Omarosa was taken aback when fellow contestant and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Brandi Glanville asked her, apropos of nothing, if she'd ever slept with the president.

Entertainment Weekly reports that while Glanville said she didn't know who started the rumors, neither Omarosa, or their reporter, quite believe that. "Now, there is somebody in the White House who is sleeping around with everybody, but she is not me".

Manigault was asked in an earlier episode if she would vote for Trump in 2020. "I've never had to do that".

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Who is this mysterious staffer allegedly unable to keep her paws off their fellow White House employees?

And when Brandi insisted that "apparently, a lot of girls do", Omarosa proceeded to set the records straight in strong terms.

"Well, I'm not", Omarosa said. I'm just ratings gold, that's why'.

"Trump", Brandi said. And Omarosa's jaw dropped.

Omarosa, in Melania's defense, said: 'Yeah!