Atari is launching its own cryptocurrency (yes, really)


It's unknown if this would be restricted to Atari Token or be open to the likes of Bitcoin as well. It looks like the crypto has already started to pay off, as the latest Bloomberg report suggests that, the stock of the company has already spiked up to 60%. The Atari Token targets the entertainment, gaming and casino segments. Atari SA's holding company issued a press release on the matter, but it doesn't really explain a whole lot of the rationale behind entering the crowded cryptocurrency space. Infinity was founded by veterans from the finance and entertainment industries, and it's working on a decentralized platform that will provide access to all types of digital entertainment, from video games to music and movies. The company has partnered with a brand Infinity Network, which is the creator of blockchain based Atari Token.

In some regards, you can look at the Atari Token as a premium in-game currency that's largely useless outside of the single title or ecosystem you bought it in.

A number of games from Atari will be offered on the casino sites that will utilize Pariplay's casino platform and the Atari Token.

Atari, it would seem, is a company of many hats these days.

Atari is launching a cryptocurrency and nobody really knows why
Pac-Man video game maker Atari to embrace cryptocurrency, blockchain tech

As odd as it is, this decision to develop cryptocurrencies of its own seems to be working out well so far for Atari, as Bloomberg reports that its stock has been climbing ever since the announcement. The Paris-based company has released the details for the plans of investing in a company that is building a blockchain entertaining platform. Stay tuned for much more on this coming soon.

If Chesnais will hit the gold mine for Atari this time, the company could break a new path to regained prominence that was last seen with the introduction of arcade and video games in the 1970s through the 1980s.

They may constantly charge them for the products they announces and never go on the market or those world funding campaigns, but Atari still doing whatever it want.

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