Tom Wolf says no to GOP on congressional map. What's next?


Under the current setup, 15 of the 18 districts lean consistently Republican-or at least they have in the last three elections. "There are no voters living in Lake Erie, and we are not able to go into Ohio, New York or Toronto with this exercise". "If you take these incumbants that are now representing districts in Pennsylvania, put them in new districts that are drawn in a different way, they'll still have the advantage", O'Connell said. Democrats say the map is still unconstitutionally skewed in favor of the GOP. In Lawrence County, Keith Rothfus in the 12th District would pick up Kelly's area.

Republican leaders split the borough of Lansford between two congressional districts and placed other Carbon County municipalities into new districts on a map that they drafted and sent to the governor for approval.

Wolf described the claim as "dubious at best". The districts comply with the voting rights act.

The Pa. court knocked them down, Republicans appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, which backed up the Pa. ruling. Democrats have already said the GOP's court-ordered map submitted late Friday is still too partisan. "Duchin-021318.pdf" target="_blank">cited analysis by Tufts University Professor Moon Duchin, who compared the Republican map with millions of nonpartisan computer-generated maps and found the Republican proposal was heavily skewed in their favor.

". It is a naked partisan gerrymander just as much as the unconstitutional 2011 map".

10th District: Current map: Trump, 66.1 percent; Clinton, 30.2 percent; new map: Trump, 64.8 percent; Clinton, 31 percent.

The state Supreme Court said it would create its own map if the state government was unable to agree on one that met with constitutional standards.

Pennsylvania is a swing state in presidential elections and Democrats have a winning record in recent statewide elections, but Republicans hold firm majorities in both legislative chambers.

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The rebuke from Republicans was swift.

Last Friday, the Republican leaders in legislature, Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati and House Speaker Mike Turzai, submitted a new plan to the governor.

"Clearly, he doesn't want a legislative process".

Ever since the need to redraw the Congressional district map of Pennsylvania became a hot button topic, we have expressed concern that a rushed revision of the map would not be a good idea. "We're excited that something was submitted", said Almeida.

The GOP map was drawn after the state Supreme Court struck down the state's current congressional map in a gerrymandering case. Essentially, they cut out blacks and made the First District "whiter" than it was in real life.

Corman, Turzai, and some Republican staffers met briefly with Wolf on Tuesday afternoon.

J.J. Abbott, spokesman for Wolf, said the administration believes the governor's letter provided enough clarity for Republican lawmakers to begin revising the map.

Not only that, but the map would move several of the strongest Democratic candidates into different districts.