'The Bachelor's' Bekah Martinez explains why her mom reported her 'missing'


Hours after her elimination from the show shocked Bachelor nation, Rebekah Martinez did an interview with Jimmy Kimmel last night and "set the record" straight as to how she wound up on the California Attorney General's missing persons database. After Becca assures Arie that she still feels that spark, the pair make out and then Arie gifts her the first rose of the episode.

Her mother had called the police after she hadn't heard from her daughter for several days.

Martinez told Michael Strahan that "there was a lot of misunderstanding" about what happened when she was listed as missing, adding that it didn't happen while she was filmng the show. Also, Bekah Martinez isn't a missing woman.

Lauren B. gets her second one-on-one date in as many weeks, and a chance to redeem herself after what appeared to be an incredibly awkward date in Paris. She accepts his rose.

They exchanged kisses at what looked like an wonderful lunch with truffle hunter Giulio and his family, but the temperature had dipped by the time Arie and Seinne got to dinner - and not just outdoors.

Arie gets ready for hometown visits. It takes a few minutes to clean up, so I miss most of the rest of Arie and Lauren's daytime date.

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While Sienne and Arie were having dinner, the group date card arrived for Bekah M., Tia and Kendall. Bekah K. got the first date card, with Arie inviting her to "fall in love under the Tuscan sun". Arie took Kendall for a walk and talked about meeting her family.

Despite Arie trying to change her mind, Jacqueline stays strong, and ends up leaving the show of her own accord. Honestly, she's too good for him anyway.

Date No. 4 with Tia, Bekah and Kendall: If there was such a thing as a sure bet this season I would have said it was Tia and Bekah both getting roses on this date and Kendall going home.

After all, Arie had seemed enthralled with Bekah since Week 1, despite his later misgivings about their age difference, and he had formed a clear bond with Tia on their one-on-one.

Later on, Tia tells Bekah about her recent conversation, which prompts the poor girl to break down in tears.

Next week, Arie meets the parents!