Sask. lawyers weigh in on Stanley not-guilty verdict


The Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs, which represents most First Nations in the province, said it was "shocked and outraged" by the verdict from a jury with no Indigenous members, as a result of Stanley's defence lawyer vetoing any Indigenous jury members before trial.

Canada could also "ensure the pool of prospective jurors is so large, and so diverse" that peremptory challenges would not prevent a diverse jury, he wrote.

The BC Aboriginal Justice Council (BCAJC) is calling for the creation of a new Indigenous-led committee to work towards fairness and anti-discrimination in the court system.

"One of the disconnects for me is the presumption that if you had Indigenous people on the jury, they would have convicted (Stanley) by the mere fact they're Indigenous, and I'm not sure that's a fair or appropriate way to assess it", Lacy said.

"There have been comments made, saying that jury selection had something to do with the outcome of the trial".

The process was legally sound. Their identities and deliberations are to remain classified under Canadian law.

The practice, known as a preemptory challenge, has been criticized for giving lawyers a limited number of vetoes that can be used to reject unwanted candidates, for which they're not required to give a reason.

But there was something about this particular case that prompted both the Prime Minister and the federal Minister of Justice to tweet unprecedented comments in the immediate aftermath of the verdict on Friday.

Boushie was shot in the head while he was sitting in an SUV that had been driven onto a farm near Biggar, SK, owned by Gerald Stanley.

Four security personnel killed in Quetta terrorist attack
The bodies of the deceased, whose identities are yet to be ascertained, were shifted to a nearby hospital for medical procedure. On Jan 16, unknown attackers killed a police constable, in what appeared to be a targeted killing, on Raisani Road in Quetta.

Stanley, 56, had testified that he had fired warning shots to scare the group off, and that the fatal shot occurred when he reached into the SUV to grab the keys out of the ignition, and his gun "just went off".

Battiste believes if anyone can right this wrong it's Wilson-Raybould.

"If we can not find some way toward real change for Indigenous people in the criminal justice system, Colten Boushie will also be the victim of a criminal justice system that was stacked against him from the start and a government indifferent to that reality".

"If the trial judge was correct in making rulings and correct in his or her instructions, it becomes virtually insurmountable for either party - but particularly the Crown - to argue that there has been some miscarriage of justice and that an appeal is warranted in the circumstances", Pfefferle said.

White added that Canadians as a whole, because of Friday's verdict, "are doubting whether this system, that clearly discounts the lives of Indigenous peoples, has anything at all to do with justice". Justice for Colten equals Gerald Stanley going to jail, and he didn't.

The jury had three possible verdict options: guilty of second degree murder, not guilty of murder but guilty of the lesser included offence of manslaughter, or not guilty.

"Disappointment, dismay, hurt for the family", she said. That's what we'll hear a lot about this week.

Day said the AFN will provide whatever legal support is needed by the family to demand an appeal of the verdict. "I can commit to the people of Saskatchewan that we will have those discussions". "This is about not being believed, about myths that paint us as being aggressive, untrustworthy, et cetera", Lafontaine said.

A third-party RCMP watchdog has launched an investigation after Boushie's family filed a formal complaint about how police dealt with the case, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale confirmed Tuesday.