Dear John: Alberta launches petition to BC's Premier Horgan in pipeline fight


"I have an enforcement background and the law is the law and if you fight the law then somebody needs to deal with that and in this case, it's the federal government that needs to step up to the plate and takes action".

Notley told reporters on Monday the government is considering further retaliatory measures in response to the B.C. government's proposal to restrict the level of bitumen flowing in their province pending a review to make sure that such spills could be properly cleaned up.

One week later, she announced that $70 million in annual sales of B.C. wines into Alberta would be banned and hinted B.C. craft beer could be next.

McKenna shut down criticism leveled by some that the new regulations undermine current projects, such as the Trans Mountain pipeline.

Notley said yesterday that she doesn't want to escalate the feud, but that B.C.'s actions on the Trans Mountain pipeline are illegal and must be reversed.

She introduced an opposition motion in the House of Commons on Monday calling on the federal government to make public no later than February 15, its specific plan to get the pipeline built.

She said that she would give B.C.

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Horgan has said that B.C. won't retaliate by banning any Alberta products. "It's time to allow the democratic representatives of Albertans have their say, and to show the rest of Canada that we are united in the defence of our jobs and economy".

In November, 2016, the federal government gave the green light to the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

Carr said the Conservatives are trying to manufacture a crisis and that very aware Canada can and will do what it takes to exert its authority to have the pipeline built.

"What I do support is the fact that Premier Notley is doing exactly what she said, defending her economy, defending the people of Alberta, and Premier Horgan is doing exactly what he said, defending the interest of the people of British Columbia, of the coastline, and the environment", Singh said.

For now, Alberta is prepared to let those talks proceed in hopes that B.C. will back down. Kenney said. "The Alberta Legislature was scheduled to reconvene last week, on February 8".

"How could they possibly see fit to make a final investment decision of billions of dollars over three or four decades into British Columbia when we can't get along with our neighbours over a project that has already been studied and approved by the national government?"

"I have said all along that we live in a country that enjoys all of the freedoms to protest".