Israel Lost a Jet, but Proved it would Win the War


The Iran-backed forces are supporting President Bashar Assad in Syria's seven-year civil war.

They've all learned - Russian Federation from Afghanistan, Iran from the Iran-Iraq war, Israel from south Lebanon, and the US from Iraq and Afghanistan - that their publics will not tolerate large numbers of body bags fighting any ground war in the Middle East.

The latest remarks from Damascus came only after Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu had threatened that Israeli forces would continue their operations inside Syria even though Syrian defence system downed Israel's F-16 warplane.

Before last Saturday, Israel had established an expectation that its strikes on Iranian-Hezbollah weapons convoys and production facilities in Syria would not be met with an effective military response; Syria and Hezbollah couldn't afford war with Israel, nor did they have the capabilities to seriously retaliate. Israel has been sending messages through all possible channels to Iran, Syria, and Russian Federation that it will not tolerate any kind of Iranian presence and activity along its Syrian border, be it Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) activity or through proxy militias such as Hezbollah. The drone was subsequently shot down by an Israeli helicopter; Israel proceeded to launch raids in Syria targeting the command center that Iran operated the drone from.

Israeli strikes inside Syria are likely to trigger its foes to hit within Israel, which would lead to a full blown war that may expend to Lebanon as a new battlefield. It is both a strategic ally of Israel, and at the same time it enjoys some level of access or reliability from Iran.

He also condemned Israeli attacks on Syria, stressing that Damascus had the right to self-defense against Israeli assaults.

Whatever the case, to suggest that the drone, whatever its providence, wherever its final demise, was the spark to conflagration is to ignore the 100 bombings or so Israel has acknowledged carrying out in Syria since 2011, or those that go back long before Syria's own conflict began.

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On the other hand, Syria appeared to chalk up the downing of the F-16 as a win. The only way to reaffirm that right is to exercise it. "We made unequivocally clear to everyone that our modus operandi has not changed one bit", he said. This continued in the jump until a couple of US diplomats cited Israel's right to defend itself, and then blamed Iran.

"The new phase in the Syrian conflict makes the anti-ISIS war look like a stroll in the park". Israel responded with massive attacks, which they say left roughly half of Syria's air defenses were destroyed.

It is to ignore that Israel has been in illegal military occupation of Syrian territory since 1967, land seized in a war Israel started.

Despite militarily backing Assad's government for nearly three years, Russian Federation has allowed Israel freedom of movement in Syria's skies and a statement distributed by Netanyahu's office after their phone call on Saturday insisted that would continue. The downing of its jet is also linked with Iran, as Israel claimed that it intercepted a drone sent by Iran and bombed the site used to launch it in retaliation.

Israeli planes frequently attack targets in Syria.

Al-Rashed believes that when controlling the conflict between Russia, America, Iran, Turkey and Israel fails, Iraq will be the most prone to danger. Iran is unlikely to roll back its plans in Syria, which sees it as an advanced base in confronting the Israeli enemy, and in return Israeli restraint will be in short supply.

Abandoning arms shipments and support for Hezbollah would be a major blow to the common goal of enabling a Lebanese fighting force to withstand a near-inevitable conflict with Israel.