PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds latest patch adds better loot to Miramar


The patch notes for the Xbox One update indicate that Bluehole will increase the damage players can mete out on vehicles with both guns and grenades, while reducing damage to players who are unfortunate enough to get themselves run over.

It seems vehicles are used for far more than just transportation on Xbox One.

PUBG says that if the game is crashing on the test server then move back to the live.

To those who are not familiar with how "PUBG" works, all players would spawn in at one location as they wait for the match to start. Now we're seeing the game's newest environment receive the exact same treatment as its predecessor.

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The patch also includes a variety of other tweaks and fixes.

A patch was also rolled out on PC that adds "more buildings and cover across the map to improve the engagement experience", more off-road routes, and loot balancing for item spawns. Players are preempting the inevitable map selection update from PUBG Corp by deleting specific files so they don't have to play on the desert map.and it's working. (Like the buggy.) The game's new replay system is sort of a mixed bag, and some fans will definitely not be pleased, because old Battlegrounds replays aren't compatible with the new system.

The Xbox One version port of PUBG was also patched this week. But most of the changes in Update #4 are net positives for the community.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is available on PC and Xbox One.