Egypt: Al Ghad Party Leader Submits Nomination Papers to Run for Presidency


President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Musa Mustafa Musa, head of the liberal Al-Ghad Party, will compete in Egypt's presidential election slated for March.

According to what the candidate told the press, for his official presentation he found the support of 47,000 citizens and support of 26 Parliament members.

The party announced that Moussa was able to get signatures from 20 members of parliament supporting his election. The ANE will publish on January 31 the list of people who applied for candidacy in the state newspapers Al Ahram and Al Akhbar, while the official and final list of those who qualify as candidates will be announced on February 24.

The National Election Authority had set 14:00 hours Monday as the deadline for receiving nomination documents in the presidential elections.

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Egypt will hold its 2018 presidential race from March 26 to 28.

The statement denounced the legitimacy of the elections citing various repressive practices taken against hopeful candidates.

Seven other potential candidates had withdrawn or been prevented from standing.

Earlier this week, popular Egyptian talk-show host Lamis al-Hadidi made a fiery speech on her show, criticizing the "absence of politics" in the country while calling for the political environment to be reinvigorated through letting more opinions be heard in the public debate.