Concussion study could shake up protections for athletes


BU's study aimed to find out why roughly 20 percent of brains with CTE that have been studied came from individuals with no history of concussions, according to USA TODAY.

Ron Dowd says the new findings that hard hits can cause brain damage in several sports at a young age - makes sense. "They're totally distinct." Moss and his team at the Livermore Lab used powerful supercomputers to image data from impact experiments on animals.

With increased evidence that repeated hits to the head frequently leads to the degenerative brain disease, one of the country's leading advocacy groups on head trauma has called for the abolition of tackle football until players reach the age of 14.

"It provides solid evidence for what football players have known: The hit that causes the concussion symptoms isn't much different than the hit you swear you're fine from", Nowinski said. "That is there is something extra that might have to be done".

"Unfortunately we really can't say what the minimum number of hits is the threshold that places anybody at risk of either a concussion or CTE or any brain injury". Researchers are working on finding biomarkers and other indicators to help detect it in the living, with further hope that such findings can help lead to potential treatments. We were surprised that the brain pathology was unrelated to signs of concussion, including altered arousal and impaired balance, among others.

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"The overwhelming majority of people whose brains are hurt are going right back in and doing the worst thing possible: getting hit again and again", Goldstein said. Goldstein, an associate professor at Boston University School of Medicine and author on the new paper. Youth football leagues should follow that trend, he said. "We can not overstate the absurdity of allowing 7-year-olds to receive 500 head impacts a season just because they happen to be getting exercise at the time". She said she plans to be vigilant but still support her children as they play sports.

Carson, 64, said Thursday that he's balanced his lifestyle in numerous ways - changes in diet - to counter what he said was years of dealing with the aftershocks of playing a gladiator-style sport. But this isn't the game their parents played; the threat of serious brain injury has forced a lot of changes.

"We've had an inkling that subconcussive hits - the ones that don't [show] neurological signs and symptoms - may be associated with CTE", said Dr.

Backed by renowned former NFL linebackers Harry Carson, Nick Buoniconti and Phil Villapiano, the Concussion Legacy Foundation on Thursday launched the "Flag Football Under 14" initiative at a news conference in Manhattan. What researchers found under the microscope was striking, said Goldstein.