Philadelphia Eagles fan attacks a horse after being ejected from game

Share reported Tuesday that a young Philadelphia Eagles fan has been arrested for allegedly doing the latter - punching a police horse following an ejection from the Eagles-Atlanta Falcons NFL playoff game this past weekend. Another officer rushed over and quickly arrested Hendricks.

Police say that Hendricks was intoxicated when he was ejected from the Eagles game and that he attacked a police horse on his way out of the Linc. He also struck the officer in the legs.

He is due in court at the end of the month on charges of aggravated assault, illegally taunting a police horse, simple assault and defiant trespass. The fan versus police horse tale left several shaking their heads.

Hendricks posted 10 percent of $5,000 bail.

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The newspaper was unsuccessful in reaching Hendricks Tuesday morning. The 22-year-old had his bail set at $5,000 and is due to appear in court on January 30.

Hendricks has previously been cited for public drunkenness on two separate occasions, Philadelphia Magazine reports.

According to his LinkedIn page, Hendricks is a graduate of West Chester University and is now working as a district manager for a large payroll company in Allentown.