White House rejects Steve Bannon's apology to Donald Trump


Joe Scarborough, the "Morning Joe" host and Washington Post columnist who is thanked in the acknowledgements, labelled the book "terrifying". And he - as he told Mother Jones magazine once, he saw it as a platform for the "alt-right", which is this loose conglomeration umbrella term for certain kinds of cultural conservatives, men's rights activists and certain, you know, white supremacists, actual outright racists.

White House officials viewed the discussion as a sign that Mueller's investigation of Trump could be nearing the end.

Numerous bombshells in the book come from quotes by Bannon. And a Kremlin-linked Russian lawyer was "treasonous". Corallo stepped down from his role last summer. "The 25th Amendment is a concept that is alive every day at the White House", Wolff said.

He has no idea how many copies have been sold since its surprise resurgence in popularity but he told the BBC: "I don't think I'm going to buy a cottage on the back of this". "I kept saying before this came out to my publisher...there's nothing really too new in this book".

Status also counts: While a Facebook program manager would likely need to spruce up for a big meeting, it'd be widely understood that Mark Zuckerberg carries enough clout to don a hoodie.

Wolff said staff frequently comment on whether zany events do, or do not, warrant the 25th Amendment.

"It was Rebekah Mercer - who had bonded with Bannon, and whose politics were grim, unyielding, and doctrinaire - who defined the family", Wolff writes. If you were concerned about the economy, you thought Trump's business background would make him a good president. This book, we all know, is fiction.

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But Wolff's yearlong documentation is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a president who is mercurial, vindictive and vacillates between unearned overconfidence and overwhelming insecurity. "She was confident he would win and was very happy when he did". It's called work product. And this "attractiveness premium", Wong told Moneyish, is mostly due to grooming - meaning it doesn't necessarily concern inborn traits like hair color, facial symmetry or height, but the effort put into self-presentation. David's with us from NY.

President Bill Clinton was impeached on a perjury charge related to his grand jury testimony about his relationship with a White House intern, Monica Lewinsky.

People once credited Steve Bannon with architecting POTUS's presidential victory. Sucks up and s-s down. Apparently, this is well-known to his staffers, too, who have just as hard of a time getting information into his brain. The conversation reportedly took place at a January 4, 2017, dinner party at Wolff's home.

I agree with most commentators that Michael Wolff's sensational mythologies in Fire and Fury will be largely forgotten within three weeks - with one caveat (see below).

"It's unfortunate, but anyone who wants to support Danny I'm sure we would be happy to have", she said. Surely, the mainstream media should have questioned Trump's fitness for office in the past year, right?

Murdoch, Wolff writes, also found it problematic that Trump seemed willing to help the tech executives with H-1B visas - a position that would conflict with his hardline on immigration.

21st Century Fox had no comment.