Vehicle into building - 2nd floor - starts fire


Two people suffered minor injuries in a weird crash Sunday morning when a auto went airborne and slammed into the second floor of a dental office in Santa Ana, California, officials said.

Crews were able to remove the vehicle by 7:50 a.m. Sunday.

Upon impact, a fire broke out, which was quickly extinguished.

Crews will use a crane to remove the auto from the building. The vehicle hit the center divider and went airborne and landed into the building.

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Firefighters from Los Angeles County and the Orange County Fire Authority extricated the occupants of the vehicle while its front end was still lodged high in the building. Sanchez said the driver managed to get out but was hanging from the vehicle until police could catch him.

According to officers from Santa Ana Police Department, the vehicle was travelling at high speed on French Street when it struck a raised central divide, launching it into the air.

The driver and passenger were rescued and transported to the hospital with minor injuries.