School's homework asked for 3 'good,' 3 bad reasons for slavery


Brown-Berry did the right thing in posting the homework assignment, he said. Sometimes, these assignments may center around sex education that parents don't agree with.

The educator's lapse of judgment came to light after Trameka Brown-Berry shared her son assignment on Facebook and asked if others felt it was inappropriate.

A private Wisconsin elementary school is reportedly apologizing for a homework assignment that asked fourth-graders to list "good" reasons for slavery alongside "bad" ones.

Fourth grade students at Our Redeemer Lutheran School in Wauwatosa, WI, were handed a group assignment Monday in English class that has sparked backlash. Brown-Berry tells Fox 6 she found the assignment both "offensive and insensitive".

'I was in shock.

"I couldn't believe they sent something like that home", said Brown-Berry, who is also African American. Not only was my son in an terrible position but the students who weren't black, because it's that sort of mentality of not being able to see from another's perspective and only seeing your lens - that's what unsafe.

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Jerome Berry wrote in his homework, "I feel there is no good reason for slavery".

The fourth grader also added a note to the assignment, which read, "I am proud to be black because we are strong and fearless". She posted a photo of it to Facebook. Many who saw the post reached out to Our Redeemer Lutheran School to share their concerns and voice their anger.

Principal Jim Van Dellen's apology statement stated, "We understand that, as presented, the words used showed a lack of sensitivity and were offensive".

Principal Van Dellen vowed to better communicate sensitive subjects being discussed in class with parents before presenting it to students. In a letter sent Tuesday to parents and students he said: 'The goal of the assignment was not, in any way, to have students argue that any slavery is acceptable'. Principal Van Dellen plans to meet with Brown-Berry Wednesday. "This particular assignment is no longer a part of our curriculum and we are committed to working with our families and our teachers".

She also said the teachers must be trained in "cultural diversity/cultural competency inservice to prevent this from happening again".