Passports may no longer be valid proof of address. Here's why


In the case of ECR passport-holders, this status is provided on the same page. This was stated by the MEA on Friday. The last page contains information such as the names of the Father, Mother, Spouse, Address, ECR and old passport number with date and place of issue of the holder of the passport. As a effect, the document that shows citizenship will cease to be a valid proof of address photo copy of which is now taken for use at government and private offices.

Reports suggest that the Ministry of External Affairs is proposing to do away with the last page of the passport which essentially contains details of residence, parents name etc.

Passports have been a key component of the Ministry of External Affairs under the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the ministry has accelerated the process of printing and distributing passports to Indian citizens since the government came to power in May 2014. This would mean that the new passports will no longer be useful as a proof of address for various applications.

The new passports being printed will no longer have the last page with the holder's address - it will be blank instead.

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There are already two more categories - white passport for government personnel Indian government on official business and ones with red jacket for diplomats including top political representatives, MPs and officials of diplomatic status in the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). Since 2012, all passports have had a barcode and the information can be accessed by simply scanning it.

Echoing Kumar's thoughts, JD Vaishampayan at the regional passport office in Pune told HT that there are a few changes in the pipeline and they "may happen soon". Orange for those who require emigration check and the regular blue passports for those who don't. As has dependably been the situation when new series is issued, every single existing global ID will stay substantial till their expiry date.

The Narendra Modi government, which usually prefers homogenisation, has made a decision to move to a two-colour format for personal passports: orange and the existing dark navy blue. For this situation as well, existing ECR identifications will be valid. People holding passports in this category are allowed to leave India only after getting an Emigration Clearance certificate from the office of Protector of Emigrants.

Nashik, would be designing the new passport booklets in due course.