Our 4 Favorite Weirdly Cool Tech Gadgets From CES 2018


The Las Vegas Convention Center, where CES is taking place, is now experiencing what event organizers are calling an "isolated power outage". Google shut down its outdoor display after heavy rain hit Las Vegas, according to Business Insider.

Attendees managed to safely navigate their way around the convention center in the dark thanks to the light pouring in from in the windows and battery operated signs.

Authorities were able to restore power within minutes of the report.

Some companies still managed to do demos on their charged laptops and other devices, while others, such as Samsung, had limited backup power.

In a statement, CES organiser, the Consumer Technology Association, blamed the outage on recent heavy rainfall which caused condensation on the venue's roof to short circuit one of the facility's transformers.

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It is one app that has been used to replace the previously popular Google Talk which later became GTalk. And yes, you can even decide to lose the audio portion of the call by muting the microphone.

Guests and exhibitors were surprised when the power went out at the Las Vegas Convention center shortly after 11 a.m. on the second day of the CES.

The 2018 Consumer Electronics Show was supposed to be that event where all the latest gadgets and gizmos are showed off by various companies.

THE WORLD'S largest technology show ground to a halt for more than two hours today when a blackout plunged some of its biggest showpieces into darkness, causing evacuations, huge queues, and mass frustration.

"I was on the Samsung tour getting a look at the booth, the power went off, and then immediately after that a generator kicked on, so some of the lights turned on", Tracy said. Intel, the company behind Energizer, and even Oreo joined in.

Some official accounts run by exhibitors, reporters and attendees took to Twitter to make jokes with the hashtag #CESBlackout.