Coca-Cola releases 4 new flavours of Diet Coke


Diehards, before you freak out, the original design and taste isn't going anywhere.

Diet Coke is getting a makeover to try to invigorate the sugar-free soda's slumping sales.

The new flavors also come with clever taglines like "because ginger and lime are friends", "because cherries aren't so innocent" and "because zesty is besty".

The two-year Diet Coke innovation process was "fueled by consumer research pointing to younger Americans' affinity for big yet refreshing flavors in their favorite foods and beverages", Coca-Cola reports on its website. On Wednesday, the feed exploded with colors and glimpses of a sleek new can design and rainbow of new flavors.

With this restaging, Diet Coke once again has its own brand identity, anchored by its iconic silver hue, simplified color palette and a slightly refined typography that nods to the beverage's heritage, the company said.

The new flavors are slated to hit stores shelves nationally on January 22 in a new skinny 12-ounce can.

[RELATED: Learn how to boost buzz, build brand recognition and engage employees on the hottest social media platforms.] By putting the beverage in a slender can, the company also hopes to convey a "premium" feeling to the consumer.

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Now, in the USA at least, the brand appears to have flipped its strategy and decided that answer to attracting new drinkers to the 35-year-old diet brand is a sleek and bold redesign that features tall cans.

The new Diet Coke flavors are slated to hit stores shelves nationally later this month.

"I think this is another proof point about how serious we are about continuing to accelerate our zero calorie portfolio in the company, both on the sparkling side and the still side of the business", Rafael Acevedo, Coca-Cola North America's group director for Diet Coke told BevNET. "Most importantly, we wanted to stay true to the essence of Diet Coke while recasting the brand for a new generation", he said.

The "sleek" redesign has been led by The Coca Cola Company's in-house design team headed up by vice president of design James Sommerville, alongside studio Kenyon Weston, which helped to develop the new visual identity.

Coke has been paying special attention to its low- and zero-calorie drinks. The brand assures that the classic version's formula will remain unchanged. In October, Coca-Cola reported the brand's sales by volume declined in the mid-single digits last quarter.

Sales of diet colas fell 3.5% previous year; Acevedo said Diet Coke declined about that much as well.