Walmart to close Sam's Club in Worcester, after announcing raises, bonuses


"After a thorough review of our existing portfolio, we've made a decision to close a series of clubs and better align our locations with our strategy", Sam's Club wrote in one reply.

"We knew they were closing seemed like a good time to stock up had no idea it'd be insane down here, said Tom Neer, Sam's Club member".

Sam's Club is a member's only retail warehouse club which was founded by Sam Walton in 1983 and owned and operated by Walmart.

151 employees in Central New York are invited to apply for jobs at other Sam's Club or Walmart stores. "That shows you where our members are shopping", Hatfield said. "I am interested in working for a bank and focusing on going to college full-time, and I want to be able to afford a college education", he said. "We have a mix of clubs and online". They are located in Fort Worth, Texas, and Swedesboro, New Jersey.

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Walmart's corporate leaders have determined another 12 hubs are needed to keep up with the online sales demand. We are in the process of identifying which of these locations will be best. "We are early in the stages of assessing the opportunities". A list of affected stores was not disclosed. Local news outlets across the country - including from Houston, Syracuse, Baton Rouge and Dallas - reported the closures happened without notice. "There is no easy way to lay people off", she said. Walmart hopes to find positions for displaced workers at other Sam's Club locations.

The one-time bonus represents a $400 million expense, the company said.

News of the closings came on the same day Walmart announced it would be boosting starting salaries for employees and giving bonuses after the passage of the new tax law in Washington D.C. Before, full-time hourly workers received 50 percent of their pay for leave.

For the first time, Walmart also promised to help with adoptions, offering full-time hourly and salaried workers $5,000 per child that can be used for expenses such as adoption agency fees, translation fees and legal or court costs.