Vikas is mean to Hina


Arshi, who also had a couple of big fights with Shilpa inside the house, spoke in support of the latter and slammed Hina for her distasteful remark. Both the ladies in the house are summoned by "dictator" Vikas Gupta in the garden area.

The journey of Bigg Boss 11 is nearly coming to an end this weekend. The Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain actress is followed by Hina Khan, who is behind her by just a handful of votes. Hina is seen singing all emotional songs, while Shilpa and Puneesh are looking at the jail and reminiscing their memories they spent in there.

Furthermore, Vikas got his own family picture and asked Hina to spoil it by repeatedly stamping on it. Hina lost her cool and lashed out at Vikas and said, "I can not believe that you would stoop to such lows for a task". Shilpa, on the other hand, talks matter of factly about Hina and says that Hina does't know how to what about people. This is a game and anyone would've done is, he tells others. In tonight's episode, it seems that Vikas has targetted Hina Khan as he gives her tasks that will make her look bad on the show. He also sided Hina Khan and claimed that she made sure her feet don't touch Vikas' mother's picture. So far, Vikas Gupta, Hina Khan, Puneesh Sharma and Shilpa Shinde have been the four finalists of BB11.

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Puneesh and Shilpa are talking to each other and he tells her whatever Vikas did is wrong and Shilpa tells him that he is playing the task like a mastemind, and whatever he is doing is right in his way.

Hina Khan cooks food for herself as neither Shilpa nor Vikas cook for her.

Bigg Boss announces that "Vikas City" task has come to an end and since Vikas managed to get Shilpa and Puneesh to quit, he gets six lakh rupees from the prize money. When Viaks saw her struggling with burnt rotis, he askes Shilpa to intervene and help. Soon, everyone in the house is against Hina Khan. Now, the winning amount is Rs 44 lakh. They do not feel it is their last day and that they spent their Diwali and New Year's here.