United States announces new travel advisory, asks citizens not to visit Pakistan


The flow of tourists from the United States grew 27 per cent over the last four years in 2016.

"We wanted it to be an easier to understand system", Risch said. "The FCO advises against all but essential travel to the city of Srinagar and travel between the cities of Jammu and Srinagar on the Jammu-Srinagar national highway".

The new ranking is likely to be a boost to country's tourism sector, which has in the past been affected by America's warning on its nationals against travel to Kenya.

The content of the Kenya section in the new system is similar to evaluations issued by the Obama administration.

Additionally, reasons for travel advisories will be attached to letters, such as C for crime, T for terrorism, H for heath issues, U for civil unrest and O for other.

The advisory on Pakistan said that terrorist groups continue plotting possible attacks in Pakistan and may attack with little or no warning.

These areas include Mandera, Wajir, Garissa, Tana River and Lamu counties.

"US citizens who travel overseas should always have a contingency plan for emergency situations, " the advisory said.

This is the lowest advisory level for safety and security risk.

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"We reduced staffing in Havana, and every time we do that we release a travel warning, which is reflected in our current Level 3 for Cuba", she said.

Besides Pakistan, ten war zones and failed states are ranked Level Four with "Do Not Travel" instruction including Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Mali, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

Burundi is designated a level-three destination.

"Reconsider travel to Pakistan due to terrorism".

Under the new rankings, level 1, the lowest advisory, signals a need to "exercise normal precautions" in places where there is no more than the usual risk involved in worldwide travel. Antarctica is also a Level Two. However, it asks Americans not to travel to Jammu and Kashmir, except for eastern Ladakh and Leh and not to venture within 10 miles of the India-Pakistan border due to the "potential for armed conflict".

Several European countries that are popular with American tourists were put at the Tier 2 level due to risks related to terrorism.

The travel advisory for Mexico also warned US tourists to "exercise increased caution" - the second-lowest rating - in the country when visiting.

That was a message echoed by Bernier-Toth on Wednesday. "These are simply based on our assessment of the security situation, and what we need to tell USA citizens who might be traveling or living in that country". "The "do not travel" is our recommendation". North Korea is the lone exception due to the United States banning American travel there over the summer.

According to the tour operator, most Americans love to travel to Agra, Jaipur, Kolkata and parts of Kerala whenever they visit India.