Uhuru, Ramaphosa talks dwell on open borders and stronger ties


Presidents Kenyatta and Zuma said the two countries' ruling parties - Jubilee and the ANC - would begin working together.

Ramaphosa's meeting with Kenyatta followed a bilateral meeting on Thursday with President Jacob Zuma in Durban at the presidential residence, Dr John Dube House.

President Kenyatta said the two countries are not in competition, but in a partnership that complements each other in improving the lives of their citizens.

"The fate of Africa is tied at the hip and our relationships should foster partnerships that are beneficial to the citizens", he said.

He said there is need for the two countries to work together and enable the people to interact and do business.

President Uhuru Kenyatta is on a highly-publicised trip down South, a trip that started on a slightly bad footing after a major security lapse.

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Kenyatta expressed that he will be interested in talking about both politics and business with President Zuma.

Kenyatta addressed the media together with newly elected ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa after the two men met in the coastal town of East London ahead of the ANC's January statement, which is to be delivered by Ramaphosa on Saturday.

He lauded Ramaphosa for following in the footsteps of the founding fathers of the ruling party, saying the message of unity resonates well with their ideals. "We want to see how political parties in Africa can cooperate", President Kenyatta said.

It is the first time the President has set foot outside Kenya since he was reelected into office following a harrowing electioneering period and is expected to be in South Africa for three days. Ramaphosa said there is a lot to learn on agriculture from Kenya, as they play a leading role on the continent in agriculture.

President Zuma announced that he would host President Kenyatta for a State visit later this year. Zuma said he was also looking forward to Kenyatta's state visit as it would strengthen relations between the two countries and take them to another level.

The ANC president said the party was focusing on re-establishing itself with its electorate as well as on land redistribution, economic growth to create more jobs and education as its main priorities.