'Raw water' drinking trend: Is it safe?


The proponents of untreated water say that treatment and filtering remove healthy minerals and bacteria or "probiotics". "Chloramine, and on top of that they're putting in fluoride".

Here's a fun fact for you all: Your local drug store sells the most generic bottle of water for 99 cents if you're super thirsty.

Tap water goes through several stages before reaching homes, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention says.

Though Zero Mass has installed Sources everywhere from multimillion-dollar mansions in California to an orphanage in Lebanon, the company's goal is to make clean water easily accessible to more people around the world, according to CEO Cody Friesen.

Live Water founder Mukhande Singh has harsh words to say about the fluoride and chlorine used to treat tap water, forgetting the fact that these chemicals have virtually eradicated cholera, typhoid fever and diarrhea caused by water pathogens, ever since being employed to purify water in the USA, in 1908.

We're only two days into the new year, 2018 already has an obnoxious "health" trend on the books: so-called "raw water".

As a company based in San Francisco, we find the onslaught of health hacks are often fueled more by mystique than action.

Saha said people really don't know what they are getting with natural spring water, which could be contaminated with agricultural runoff, or any numbers of chemicals or parasites. But spring water can contain lots of other things, like Guardia or e.coli.

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The New York Times notes in its story that there is "no scientific evidence that fluoride is a mind-control drug, yet plenty to show that it aids dental health".

None of this is to say that tap water in the USA is ideal.

"It stays most fresh within one lunar cycle of delivery", he said.

Tourmaline Spring in ME also carries raw water and touts it "is so naturally pure it exceeds every Federal and State guideline for drinking water from the ground".

Raw water has its skeptics.

The World Health Organization has a short list of water-related illnesses that includes cholera, a bacterial disease that causes severe diarrhea and dehydration and can kill a person in a matter of hours. For the first time, it was proven that disease was carried by water, and it became one of the main functions of good government to provide safe water to citizens. But what is raw water?

The best (or worst) part about this whole raw water trend is that it actually leads to water that expires just like other foods. "Now is that because I saw it come off the roof, and anything from the roof feels special?"