French Football League suspends goal-line technology after errors


The French league has chose to "immediately suspend" their goal-line technology system after a series of malfunctions, writes Stephen Barry.

Goal-line technology has been dropped from matches after two major errors in the Coupe de la Ligue quarter-finals.

"The LFP informed German company Goal Control, which provides the technology, of the move after two new technical failures in the quarter-finals of the French League Cup".

With the recent errors, LFP took the decision to suspend the technology.

The referees overseeing Paris Saint-Germain's win at Amiens and Angers vs. Montpellier did not receive alerts on their smartwatches when the ball crossed the line, as was supposed to happen.

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The suspension by LFP is temporary and their statement added that an adminitrative council will meet next week to decide further action regarding GoalControl.

Just three days earlier, GoalControl chairman Simon Rolfes had said in a statement regarding the use of the technology used in the quarterfinals, "I think the use of technology in Sports is important and will help to make the sports more fair". The Premier League uses the Hawk-Eye system since 2013-14, which has largely been controversy free.

VAR has especially been pushed by all corners and have begun to be used in various league and competitions.

FRANCE has stopped using goalline technology after a pair of cock-ups in cup matches.

The goal line is also used in assisting the referee in awarding a goal or not.