Did Botswana Condemn Trump's Alleged 'Shithole' Slur Toward African Countries?


Democratic Sen. Richard Durbin of IL on Friday said Trump had indeed made the comments about 's***hole countries'.

Asked about the remarks Thursday, White House spokesman Raj Shah said, "Certain Washington politicians choose to fight for foreign countries, but President Trump will always fight for the American people". The term suggests dirty or very poor.

"We must focus on how best to secure our borders, protect our national security, and find a way to support the people under DACA who know only the United States to be their home", he said. The president met with Norway's prime minister Wednesday. Plus, the White House has yet to officially deny the reports in a statement - and Hillary Clinton has plenty to say about it.

Trump later denied using the vulgar language during the meeting. The details of the proposal have not been publicised, but the President said: "The so-called bipartisan DACA deal. was a big step backwards". Many advocates said the comments shed light on why the Trump administration last fall stripped Haitians of Temporary Protected Status - specialized protection granted to people from countries experiencing significant turmoil - in which it would be unsafe for its citizens to return. I have a wonderful relationship with Haitians. "Probably should record future meetings".

Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House and after Trump and Mike Pence, the third-most powerful Republican. rebuked the president for the words calling them "very unfortunate" and "unhelpful". The senator spoke with reporters on Friday in Chicago, Illinois.

"I can not believe that in the history of the Oval Office any president has spoken the words that I have personally heard the President speak yesterday", said Durbin, clearly appalled. I reject them and condemn them vigorously.

The African Union (AU) told the Associated Press it was "frankly alarmed" by Trump's comment.

"In addition, the president singled out Haiti, telling lawmakers that immigrants from that country must be left out of any deal, these people said".

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The government in Botswana called Trump's comment "reprehensible and racist".

Love said she does not believe the comment will set back negotiations in Congress on a federal program allowing children whose parents entered the country without legal permission to avoid deportation.

Some African governments found themselves in a hard position. And I made my own comments in response to it but for him to confront the president as he did literally sitting next to him took extraordinary political courage and I respect him for it'.

"When we see fundamental indecency and immorality, especially in high places, we need to stand up and SAY SOMETHING", he tweeted.

Sylvester Odion Akhaine teaches worldwide relations at the Lagos State University in Nigeria.

In a Twitter message Friday, the former president accused Mr Trump of pursuing a policy of making America "White Again" instead of "Great Again".

Donald Trump states that he believes President Obama was born in the United States, during a campaign event with veterans at the Trump International Hotel on Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Sept. 16, 2016.