Thai leader tells reporters to quiz cardboard mock-up


Rather than answer potential questions about the country sending more and more people to jail for insulting the monarchy or the government's ban on political campaigning, the Prime Minister of Thailand introduced those gathered at Monday's news conference to his newest spokesperson: a life-sized cardboard cutout of himself.

"If anyone wants to ask any questions on politics or conflicts, ask this guy", Chan-ocha said - pointing to his cardboard likeness.

Thailand's government is classified as a military junta.

Thailand's prime minister left reporters dumbfounded when he opted for a silly tactic in order to evade questions about his administration. Oh yeah, there's also the time he threw a banana at a cameraman.

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Reaction to the weird gesture was largely muted on social media on Tuesday but Human Rights Watch said it added to a "long list of his freakish and bullying reactions to reporters".

His government, filled with military leaders, enjoyed public support when he took power for ending a period of violent street politics. But as his rule has stretched on, criticism of the government's often-repressive policies and lack of transparency has grown. Prayuth has been promising to hold nationwide elections, but has repeatedly postponed the vote.

Prayuth had just finished an event at the nation's Government House to promote the upcoming National Children's Day on January 13, Thai news site The Nation reported.

Rather than actually having to be accountable for your actions or function as a normal adult, you could always take a leaf out of the Thai PM's book and bring a cardboard cut-out of yourself to do your hard work for you. Standing in front of a microphone, Chan-ocha, an army general who seized power in a 2014 coup, directed two aids to place the life-size cut-out before the media.