Someone Modded Mario 64 To Play In Nauseating First-Person


There are already countless ROM hacks and edits to the Super Mario 64, but the latest hack from Kaze Emanuar allows you to play the title from Mario's perspective.

Super Mario Odyssey may have been one of the best selling games this year, but leave it to the retro community to breathe new life into older Nintendo IPs.

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A new mod created for PC and Mac not only brings New Super Mario to a new platform - it also improves on the instant classic for the DS. Within these clips, Mario ventures into the castle and all the way through the "Bowser in the Dark World" stage, including the first confrontation with Bowser. "This hack tries to follow Mario's head's movement as closely as possible", Emanuar says in a video showing off the project. "With how elaborate Mario's animations are, this results in a challenging romhack".

While all of the same tricks, including back-flips, wall jumps, and diving slides still work, they're nearly dizzying to watch in first-person. However, due to the limitations of the original game, objects and characters become invisible if Mario gets too close to them. Aside from the occasional visual glitch, this could nearly work as an official VR release, if Nintendo ever decides to go in that direction. While the Nintendo 64 is known for being one of the first 64-bit console manufactured, most first-person games (like Goldeneye or Perfect Dark) run at a noticeably choppy framerate. Take a warp zone to the comment section below and let us know what you're thinking!