Samsung reveals new Drvline platform for autonomous driving


Samsung acquired HARMAN less than a year ago and is already leveraging the acquisition with new connected vehicle solutions which were announced this year at CES. The challenge is simple too big and too complex.

The DRVLINE platform has been created to allow vendors to collaborate and customize the software. And the fact it set up a strategic business unit for autonomous and advanced driver assistance technologies, along with a $300 million fund for investing in automotive startups and technology, shows just how serious it is about this burgeoning sector.

Yesterday we heard about Samsung's plans for their new DRVLINE self driving technology. Unveiled today at CES 2018 are a host of unique connected vehicle solutions that support HARMAN and Samsung's joint mission to become the leader in connectivity and autonomous driving: connecting the lives of people, whether at home, on the go, or together in the auto.

The HARMAN Digital Cockpit platform further expands the connected experience in automobiles

DRVLINE now has several best-in-class components and technologies.

The DRVLINE™ platform goes on to incorporate the best components and technology, which will go on to leverage Samsung's global expertise in electronics, IoT and embedded systems, which goes on to include in-car compute for Levels 3,4 and 5 automation. The system will be able to give lane departure warning, forward collision warnings, detect pedestrians, and have support for automatic emergency braking. Is that pedestrian going to step into the street? The Digital Cockpit platform "can seamlessly integrate the instrument cluster with the center console via voice, haptic feedback, and physical knobs and steering wheel controls in a single, center screen for all vital vehicle information and features". It also has a premium, multi-display layout with Android OS powering four displays. In addition, bringing together HARMAN's iconic audio brands and capabilities paired with Samsung's leading display technologies will deliver enhanced audio and video experiences to consumers and professional end markets. And as part of Samsung's new strategy of open innovation and collaboration, the company has developed a robust environment of partners across the industry, including software companies, TTTech, AImotive, Hella Aglaia, and Renovo Auto; In-Car Compute companies Graphcore, ThinCi, and Infineon; Communications companies Autotalks and Valens; and Sensor companies Quanergy, Tetravue, Oculii, and Innoviz.

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