Ronda Rousey's Dinner Date Fuels Rumours She's Entering The Royal Rumble


The Rock raised Rousey's arm in celebration at the end of the segment held at WrestleMania in 2015.

Ronda Rousey now has no plans of returning to the UFC, and while she hasn't announced her retirement from the sport of MMA, most fans and experts believe that the "Rowdy" one is done with MMA.

Rousey won't be the first legitimate athlete to crossover to the WWE. "We're talking. We're having conversations".

OK, well maybe it won't go that far but the possibility of her entering the Women's Royal Rumble has been staring everyone in the face since the historic match was announced, and her recent rendezvous with Triple H has added further fuel to the fire. "I think she respects what we do enough to know that it's hard". "But we have a great relationship with her, a very friendly standpoint for a long period of time now". It would be a great get for WWE if they can sign the UFC legend to a wrestling deal.

The match would be a splendid time to showcase Rousey in her WWE debut if she can break free from her film commitments.

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There has been some speculation that Rousey will appear at the forthcoming WWE Royal Rumble event to participate in the first-ever women's battle royal.

It seems clear the WWE would be happy to have her on board.

Although Amore doesn't believe Rousey will have an easy time making it in WWE, he expressed respect for the MMA world and said he believes she would translate "quite well" to wrestling. "But she's a huge fan of what we do and she's incredibly interested in what we do and the opportunities that lie there".

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