PUBG Announces Loot Box Item Drop Rates In New Update Patch Notes


In just a month, has gone from being the fourth most played Xbox One game to seeing over three million players.

Xbox One didn't have a traditional blockbuster exclusive at the end of previous year, but I'm having a hard time seeing how that matters when the one game it did publish just surpassed 3 million copies sold since December 12.

It looks like PUBG is a record-breaking title, with most concurrent players ever. Creator Brendan Greene told Kotaku in December that the vast majority of PUBG cheaters are now based in China, where cheating in online games is "seen as kind of a little bit more acceptable" than it is in other regions.

The same report noted that the developers seemed to have fixed what Xbox One players noticed earlier that getting cover behind vehicles can easily secure them compared to the more unsafe setup in PC.

In December, PUBG launched on Xbox One, just in time to pull out all the stops on Xbox One X. When PUBG was released for the Xbox One gamers were very excited to finally get their hands on it but the hype quickly died down becuase of PUBG's bad performance on the Xbox One.

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In-Depth Loot System: Players will uncover a wide variety of weapons, armor, attachments, and much more as they explore - and battle - across the world.

"Early Access on Steam and Game Preview on Xbox One are like pre-release, so they don't have a restriction on quality", explains Kim to InvenGlobal. "See you in-game, The PUBG Development and Community Team". China is a big market for gaming and has likely boosted the sales of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds immensely.

The news comes as PUBG gets a huge update on PC.

While it does not affect the chances of winning in-game, players fear that the developers of "PUBG" might soon cross that boundary.