Fiery crash shits down I-65 near Seymour; homes evacuated


SEYMOUR, IN- An early morning crash has shut down Interstate 65 in southern Indiana. The interstate there was closed for hours following the Wednesday crash. Troopers say a passenger in one of the trucks was hurt but expected to recover. As a precaution, officers went to homes within a half mile of the scene and warned residents of the situation.

The crash involved three semi trucks on I-65 southbound near mile marker 43 and eventually resulted in the closure of both southbound and northbound lanes. Much of the pavement along the right lane, shoulder and part of the left lane were heavily damaged.

It isn't clear when I-65 will reopen.

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The accident happened on January 10th at approximately 4:30 Seymour, Indiana. All lanes of I-65 are closed. Because of the chemical fire, ISP and responders made a decision to let the fire burn out instead of putting water on it. Wheeles said crews were concerned that adding water could cause a reaction that could make the situation worse. One of the trucks was carrying hazardous materials. Southbound will remain closed for an indefinite amount of time.

Department of Environmental Management.

State police also advised drivers stuck on the expressway not to drive the wrong way on 80/94 ramps to get off the road, as it is unsafe and can make the traffic problems worse.