Woman Hears Late Grandma's Voice Through Her Waveform Tattoo


A young woman using social media to show off her new tattoo sounds like a story that could have been written 10 years ago. But in 2018, the tattoo is high tech and the tweet has gone viral.

Her grandmother left her the voicemail a month before she passed away.

Singer Sakyrah Angelique, or s.o.s, shared a video of her new tattoo on Twitter, explaining that her grandmother passed away her junior year of high school, but left her a voicemail wishing her a happy birthday a month before she passed. Angelique has kept the recording for three years. I know that she orchestrated all of this for me. I had been holding onto that voicemail for what's been nearly three years now, and I got the idea recently to get it tattooed.

Customers can then get the design tattooed onto their skin and when they hold their smart phone to the tattoo, the Skin Motion app recognises the image and plays the saved sound.

The touching, high-tech tattoo has since taken the internet by storm. "I wanted to do something to show them how much I love them and the Soundwave Tattoo was the ideal way to be able to hear them anytime I want, even if we were apart".

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After we process your tattoo and the tattoo activation is complete, you can log in to your account using the Skin Motion™ app to point the camera in your mobile device at the tattoo to play it back.

"Call me tomorrow when you get a chance".

In the message, her grandma can be heard wishing her a happy birthday, before saying "I love you".

"I had dreamed about it for a while so when I actually did it, it was unreal to hear her voice", she told Newsbeat.