Saudi-led coalition raids in Yemen kill 109 civilians


Citing initial reports from the United Nations human rights office, a statement by McGoldrick said air strikes hit a crowded market in Al Hayma sub-district of Attazziah in Taiz governorate on Tuesday, killing 54 and injuring 32.

"I remain deeply disturbed by mounting civilian casualties caused by escalated and indiscriminate attacks throughout Yemen", McGoldrick said.

The Office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights has documented 5,558 civilians killed and 9,065 between December 14 and March 2015, when the Saudi-led coalition intervened in the conflict between forces loyal to Yemen's government and the rebel Houthi movement.

Sources told Al Jazeera that coalition raids struck Souk al-Shahra, a popular market in a Houthi-held area of Taiz province on Tuesday, some 200km southwest of the capital, Sanaa.

"A Houthi military truck passed through the market 10 minutes before the bombing., 32 people were killed and 25 injured", one official said, providing 30 of their names.

"These incidents prove the complete disregard for human life that all parties, including the Saudi-led Coalition, continue to show in this absurd war that has only resulted in the destruction of the country and the incommensurate suffering of its people, who are being punished as part of a futile military campaign by both sides", Mr McGoldrick said.

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The Houthi-run Al Masirah TV network said at least eight civilians, including two women, were killed in strikes in Hodeidah province, 226km west of Sanaa, while four civilians were killed in raids on a government building in the central province of Dhamar.

The number of air strikes in Yemen has increased in recent days following an attempted rocket attack by the Houthis on the Saudi capital, Riyadh, on 19 December.

The ministry reaffirmed that the solution to the conflict will never ever be through military solution, but through sitting around the negotiation table and reaching a political settlement.

Estimates at the total death toll in Yemen stand at well over 10,000.

Attempting to cut off the alleged supply of weapons to the Houthis rebels from Iran, the blockade has had a devastating impact on millions, pushing more eight million to within "a step of famine".