What do you think of PUBG on Xbox One?


PUBG Corp., the studio behind their namesake game, plans to synchronize the features of the PC and Xbox One versions "as soon as possible". Winner, winner, something something.

Meanwhile, the Xbox One version of the game - now in Game Preview before becoming fully available to buy on 20 December - has received a barrage of criticism for its unimpressive performance, with frame-rate issues often in evidence, particularly in city areas of the map.

Have you been playing PUBG on Xbox One? Minkonet also claims that their Killcam provides a better all-around viewpoint than most now used on the market.

The one million figure came from PUBG creator Brendan Greene himself, who Tweeted his thanks to the players who supported the game on Xbox One.

It's been quite the year for PUBG, shattering Steam's concurrent players' record, frequently being the most watched title on streaming sites like Twitch and Mixer and now, finally, coming to Xbox as a console exclusive. So more people will start playing this game on their respective smartphones and can test out the actual gameplay of the real PUBG game.

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However, a much longer version of that recording is available after the match is over. So we would definitely get to see this game for the PS4 console, but again there is no any confirmation on this as of now.

I mean, in some ways I can't blame them given that the Xbox One's library is more starved of good games than the PlayStation 4.

VentureBeat even had to admit that the game has its problems on the Xbox One and barely hits 30fps at times.

Anyway, to help broaden the appeal and lure in more players, Microsoft is bundling in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (the unfinished version) with Xbox One X purchases in hopes of getting some of that sales magic to wear off on their new game console.

What's your take on this guys? You can even share your feedbacks as well.