Westchester travelers return home after being stuck in Atlanta airport


"All's well that ends well!"

You will need to check the airport's website to see what decision has been made with your flight if it has to stop in Atlanta.

The Georgia Power company said that "power had been restored for all essential airport activities including all concourses and flight operations".

Monday morning they were still here trying to find answers, hoping they wouldn't have to go straight from the airport to the aisle.

Each air terminal will have excess, "yet in practically every case there's some point in your answer where you have a solitary goal of disappointment", he said.

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The control tower did not lose power because it has a separate electrical feed, and planes that were in the air and close to Atlanta were allowed to land.

In another tweet, Foxx said the problem was "compounded by confusion and poor communication". Delta, which dominates service at the airport, reported 400 scrubbed flights on Monday. "Glad to have him home", said Phil.

American Airlines has canceled about 19 departures out of ATL. That's on top of the almost 1,000 flights it canceled Sunday. But he said he was told it could be Tuesday before he gets a flight home. "I think the airport let a lot of people down yesterday". Iberte and Heather Joestings, who is also from Georgia, were two hours into their flight from Rhode Island to Atlanta when their plane diverted to RDU on Sunday afternoon. They waited at RDU for hours only to learn their flight was delayed until Monday morning. "It really stinks", Joestings said.

The airport announced earlier that it "sustained a power outage shortly after 1pm today [Sunday]".

Anthony Foxx, who served as US transportation secretary under former President Barack Obama, tweeted that he was among the many travelers stuck for hours on a plane on the tarmac. "I've been really impressed by everyone on the plane". More than 1,000 flights were ground on Sunday, stranding many passengers in planes and dark terminals. While ticketing and baggage areas there and at RDU backed up at times, security lines moved quickly at both airports just days before expected crowds arrive for the Christmas holiday rush.