Google to take action against websites spreading fake news


This news guide includes that the websites can't hide their country of origin and they cant misrepresent or mislead the news to the news readers.

An original and timely reporting can help a website to get in Google News, but a failure to follow the guidelines can lead to a delisting from the same.

Citing feedback from its users, Google said they value news sites with author biographies and clearly accessible contact information, such as email and physical addresses and phone numbers.

Amid a growing clamour against fake content online, Google has announced it may take off from its news index the websites which hide information about their ownership, primary objective, country of origin or mislead users.

Speaking to Bloomberg, a Google spokesperson noted that the change in policy is in order to "reflect a constantly changing web and how people look for information online".

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"As a result, we want to ensure that people can understand and see where their news online is coming from and that sites are being transparent about their origins", she added further.

Websites are required to meet broad criteria to make an appearance in Google News results.

Alphabet Inc's Google, Facebook Inc and Twitter Inc have faced a cascade of criticism, regulatory scrutiny and public concern over the rise in misleading news. The urgency to do so was felt after revelations of possible Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections, where the Russians allegedly targeted sections of people with socially divisive ads and misleading information.

A popular tactic for misinformation campaigns is to pose as a credible USA news outlet.

Google and other social media giants have been under a lot of pressure from U.S. lawmakers to strengthen their news-filtering methods. But the search giant has admitted that Russian agents used its platforms, including YouTube and Google News, to spread propaganda. Google has already taken up many steps to enhance the readability of its news readers.