Fake Version of Cuphead Listed on Apple's iOS Store


Big games like Cuphead are often targeted by those wanting to make a quick buck from someone else's success, but it's surprising to see that Apple somehow allowed such a scam to get through to the app store. Well, reports say that there is an actual, working game when you install the app - it seems that whoever made this just repackaged another piece of software. But the fact that the game can run rather well on an iPhone just shows the day and age we live in, even if it is a bootleg of the game. We have found several more faked websites cloning real games that follow the same pattern, advertising a non-existent iOS version of a popular desktop game with confusing trademark-infringing domain names. The reason we are posting that reminder is because there is now a Cuphead game on the iOS App Store, available for $4.99. This morning, Cuphead appeared on the App Store with recognizable app icon, screenshots and branding. She writes, "You actually can play this version of "Cuphead" using touch controls, but it's. a little off".

TouchArcade reported on the game earlier today, noting that the listing looked pretty official and even linked back to a page citing the developer's name, "StudioMDHRgames.com". Here is the real Cuphead site. "The backgrounds look low-resolution, the animation is primitive".

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Cuphead is certainly out now on Xbox One and PC. Note the URL domain is created to confuse people by mimicking the name of the actual game developer too. No other ports have been announced, which should have been a red flag when this fraudulent iOS app first popped up.