PUBG Already Has Over 1 Million Players On Xbox One


As part of a holiday promotion, Microsoft will give a copy of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds to everyone that buys the Xbox One X from December 17 through December 31, in select regions.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds just released in Early Access on Xbox One earlier this week on December 12th, but that isn't stopping it from shattering expectations. Microsoft bringing battle Royale sensation PUBG to the Xbox One was definitely a strong win for the company, and now the company will be offering the game as part of a package. That's right. If you're a fan of the game and thinking to pick up the Xbox One X console, you will get the game free with your purchase. This effectively makes it the fastest selling Xbox Game Preview title, beating out other giants like Ark: Survival Evolved.

Many players are finding they vastly prefer one map over the other due to the major gameplay differences, so it is great to know that you will soon be able to only play the one you like.

PUBG has been out on the Xbox One for a few days now but many players have reported that on the original Xbox One, the game struggles to run with massive drops in frames along with the rendering distance being very low giving them a disadvantage.

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With over 1 million players reporting in within the first 48 hours of the title's console release, there are tons of reasons to get in there and strive for that victor, winner chicken dinner!

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