Why your Christmas tree costs more - again


In the cheerless days of the last recession, as Americans were spending less on Christmas trees, Oregon's evergreen growers spotted an opportunity.

The U.S.is seeing fewer ready-to-harvest Christmas trees this season after planting fewer seedlings following the 2007 financial crisis, and also after two years of drought, she said.

And when you do find that perfectly trimmed tree, it may cost more.

It's important to remember this is a crop, and, like any other crop, there are good years and bad years.

North Carolina produces the second most trees in the United States each year, with most of those coming from a single county: Ashe County.

It's not that you're not going to get a fir tree.

That means, on top of a national tree shortage, we're getting shorter trees.

Georgia Snow, owner of Snow's Country Market in Holder, said she didn't start placing her tree orders until after Hurricane Irma swept through Florida in September, and that was a mistake.

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Green trees are so previous year. "It's not farm to table - it's farm to living room".

The website has options galore, including preferences for a five-, six- or seven-foot tree, the water capacity of the stand and 200, 300 or 500 fairy lights. But it's not so much affected his business, Highland Plantation Christmas Tree Farm. One of my friends despises real trees because she said they are messy and it feels like you are just throwing money away. It seems he never liked the fake tree, and missed the smell of a "real" Christmas tree. "So, there are fewer and fewer farmers who are willing to plant a crop that takes 10 years to get to fruition".

If you've ever spotted a pickle ornament hanging from someone's Christmas tree you probably found it a bit odd, but it's part of a Christmas tradition that's actually pretty fun.

" Planting outdoors for visual impact indoors can eliminate the need for cutting down a tree".

Roughly 1 million acres are dedicated to tree farming. Whatsoever a man soweth, the saying goes, or more accurately, doesn't soweth.

Today, a steady stream of visitors with saws in hand and a cart in tow roam the eight-acre farm each holiday season in search of just the right tree.choosing between the Monterey Pines which are the dominant variety and lesser amounts of Incense Cedar and Monterey Cyprus. "It sits there in the same plot of land longer - triple the years sometimes". You get authentic, honest-to-goodness pine scent with these, though it's more of the smokey, fireplace variety than the fresh-cut pine fragrance. Did Kevin want to end future fake tree Christmases for good? He was once the associate head of the Forestry Department at Texas A&M University. As years passed, the older two began begging for a real tree and as children tend to do, they eventually wore us down.

"In an average year, about 10 percent of the seedlings die", Landgren said.