Former Argentinian President Cristina Fernandez indicted for Iran terror bomb cover-up


An Argentine judge called on Congress to remove former President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner's immunity as a senator so she can be arrested after bringing charges of treason, aggravated concealment and obstruction against her.

Bonadio asserts that this was part of "an orchestrated criminal plan" to cover up the alleged involvement of Iranian officials in return for lucrative trade deals with the Islamic republic.

Her political clout has since faded with the victory of center-right President Mauricio Macri in elections later that year, but the populist firebrand now seeks a comeback as leading the opposition against Mr. Macri.

The charges stem from an investigation initially conducted by Alberto Nisman, a crusading prosecutor who accused Fernandez of a coverup in 2015 and was later found dead in the bathroom of his apartment.

Bonadio's order also targeted other Argentinean officials in the effort to cover up Iran's involvement in the attack, including former Foreign Minister Hector Timmerman, who is Jewish and is now under house arrest due to illness, and former head of the Federal Intelligence Agency Oscar Parrilli, who was charged but not arrested. A memorandum that Kirchner had signed with Iran to jointly investigate the attacks appeared to achieve Iran's goal of avoiding being declared a terrorist state, the judge wrote.

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The order is the latest move to resolve a case that's gripped Argentina for years.

The AMIA bombing was the deadliest bombing in Argentina's history and still nobody has been held accountable for it.

The Senate, which is due to convene on December 10, will now have to consider a vote on lifting her immunity at the judge's request, for which a two-thirds majority is needed. She won a Senate seat last month.

Several prominent members of her former government have been detained on corruption charges in recent weeks, including ex-public works minister Julio De Vido and Amado Boudou, her vice president from 2011-2015. Iran denies any involvement.